Sarah Hart

Artist Statement

In these times of instant gratification, I find it important to savor and revel in the process of making art. Screen printing dissects and reassembles my drawings to create something entirely new. It prolongs the creative process, expanding beyond the production of a single drawing. 


My work examines a balance between the technical discipline of printmaking, and the unaffected imagination and creativity that I believe makes art approachable and sincere. 


Taos offered me an unconventional entry point to my career in art: event posters. By presenting both information and imagery, they create unique, intimate moments with viewers. These posters also forged bonds with bands, venues, theater companies, businesses, schools and nonprofits that have helped solidify the importance of community to me and my art. 


As a co-owner of Ennui Gallery, I have been able to create a space to further explore screen printing, as well as return to my roots as an illustrator and painter.



Sarah Hart (b. 1978) is the owner and operator of Hart Print Shop and a co-owner of Ennui Gallery, both in Taos, New Mexico. Her first posters, created for old friends and local band Two Ton Strap in trade for a website, attracted enough attention to launch a thriving print and design business. Hart has since created hundreds of posters for live shows in and around Taos. Typically printed on the inside of old beer boxes, Hart’s posters have become coveted local collectibles over the years—many Taoseños boast extensive Hart poster collections, grabbed from the bulletin board at Cid’s or the windows at the World Cup.

Hart - God Save the Queen.JPG

Sarah Hart Selection of Posters, 2018-2020 Screen print on recycled boxes Various dimensions