Nina Silfverberg

Artist Statement

I tell stories through set design, costume design, installation projects and fiber art. I create visual language which imparts a sense of awe and possibility to the audience. I am inspired by archetypal symbols and shapes. I leave faces “un-made” and edges “un-done” because I believe in the power of sparking imagination; I want my audience to “fill in the blanks” with their own imagination. I believe in sparking creativity.



For over twenty years, Nina Silfverberg (b. 1970) has been thoroughly engaged in ensemble work, deciphering its language through costume and set design. Her theatre designs have been seen from Edinburgh to Stockholm, from Finland to the U.S.A, and on numerous stages in between. While she has spent the past five years making creative connections at Twirl in Taos, Silfverberg always finds herself returning to fiber arts and felt. As an artisan, Silfverberg is both a continuous disciple of and gratefully challenged by the laborious process of felting. As an artist, she thrives on creating sculptures that spark imagination.

silfverberg - reach.JPG

Nina Silfverberg. Reach, 2020. Felted Finnish lamb’s wool. 7-9 sculptures. varied dimensions:

10” x 12” x 5”, 7” x 8” x 5”. Courtesy of the artist.