Katy Kidd

Artist Statement


I create figurative paintings by layering objects against altered landscapes, using imagery I have collected while traveling around the world. 


From worship to war, I paint in an attempt to explore diversity around the planet. I am fascinated with the common thread of those with means and those without, how we use objects, what we worship, how we live, the debris of man-made objects and the resilience of the plant world. I want to inspire the viewer to think outside of their comfort zone.


My mixed media consists of oil, acrylic, auto paint, spray paint, printmaking ink, wood, fabric, enamel, paper, Yupo, vellum, and acetate.



Katy Kidd (b. 1972) was raised in Denver and now lives and works in the high desert of New Mexico. She graduated with a BA from Evergreen State College in 1985, and in 2019 she was awarded an MFA from the Double Standard Institute of the Arts. Kidd’s work is included in private collections around the US, as well as those of the Western Washington Cancer Treatment Center and the Lama Foundation. Her paintings have been shown in California, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and Madrid, Spain. Her murals and street art have been exhibited in Kenya, Jamaica, Spain and across the US.



Kidd - Genocide.JPG

Katy Kidd. Genocide/Myanmar, 2020. Paper and wheat paste.

10’ x 14’. Courtesy of the artist.