Gray Mercer

Artist Statement

Mercer's metal, wood, and wax sculptures have an accumulation of two to seven individual elements. Made of natural materials, they create a repetition of subtly differentiated nodes. The balance of suspended masses creates a momentary potential energy that arrests the viewer’s sense of time. Quiet stillness erupts.  


Born in 1960 in New York, Gray Mercer has been creating large public sculptures in wood and steel since moving to Taos, New Mexico in the early eighties. The predominant themes in his work are potential energy (mass suspended above ground), symmetry, balance, and counter balance. His work has been shown or installed at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan; Colorado State University, CO; Quiet Waters Park, MD; and the Center for Visual Art at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO. In 1995 Mercer had a solo exhibition at 14 Sculptors Gallery in New York City.

Mercer - Two Prime.JPG

Gray Mercer. Two Prime, 2019. Wood, steel, wax. 53” x 57”x 15”. Courtesy of the artist.