Dean Pulver

Artist Statement

I am interested in making pieces that are resonant and reflective. To resonate, meaning to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions. To reflect, meaning to be brought into deep thought and contemplation. I find that in using forms that are basic and elemental, there becomes an openness for the viewer to create multi-referential relationships to the pieces. I am creating simple but rich forms to reference man and nature, engineering and design, creation and invention, time and transition, growth and change. I feel that recognizing and celebrating this overlap of nature, science and creativity is essential in these times. Through honoring the handmade process and the traditional techniques of my medium, I strive to make pieces that are full of truth and meaning.



Growing up in a multi-cultural family of artists in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dean Pulver (b. 1963) was influenced by his German and Irish father, a commercial illustrator, art director and painter, and his Japanese mother, a clothing designer and fiber artist. Since graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1987 in sculpture, he has been exhibiting and teaching extensively in the United States. Pulver has taught at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Penland School of Crafts, and the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. He has been living in Taos, New Mexico for over 23 years with his wife, ceramic artist Abby Salsbury.



Built In 

Pulver - 2020.JPG

Dean Pulver. 20/20, 2020. Walnut, dye, and paint . 68” x 58” x 10”. Courtesy of the artist.